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Debt Resolution Made Easy

We at The Firm, PLLC wish to thank all of our clients who, over the years, have entrusted us to help them with their legal problems, and especially to thank those clients who entrusted us to help them with the often overwhelming issue of credit card debt.  Fighting the Big Banks and credit card companies, as well as the innumerable collection companies and law firms who feed off of the greed of these financially powerful institutions has taken its toll on all of us.  Although it is unfortunate that we have exhausted all of our resources in the fight against unfair and often illegal banking and lending practices, we do encourage others to take up this fight where we have been forced to leave off.

Be careful, but never back down.  The lending institutions in this country are not only powerful and ruthless in their own right, but they have been collecting and maintaining relationships with powerful state and federal politicians in order to keep their legal interests well protected.  MIGHT may not be able to make RIGHT, but in this country, it can PURCHASE it.

Please do not give up your struggle against any creditor who is taking advantage of its position of superior bargaining power over you.  They all expect you to simply take any offer they throw at you, no matter how unfair or impossible for you to comply with.  Don’t do it.  Make every effort to pay what you owe, but always make sure you actually and lawfully owe what they are asking you to pay.  Our attorneys, paralegals, and support staff are no longer able to support you in your fight, but in departing from the battlefield, we ask only that you, the consumer, refuse to surrender.

The Firm, PLLC has shut its doors, the telephone lines are silent, and all matters of corporate affairs are in the process of winding up. It was inevitable from the start, but it was a good run, and we hope that along the way some good was done in this world. This website will remain only for so long as it takes to wind up corporate affairs and for the subscription to run out.